Pitt takes first WSB win

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A dramatic days racing at Misano sees Troy Bayliss and Andrew Pitt share the race wins.

James Toseland lead the first half of the first race after starting from pole but lost out to Troy Bayliss on lap twelve.

Toseland couldn’t match the pace of the Ducati rider and had to watch as he disappeared off into the distance to win the race.

Reigning world champ Troy Corser looked set for a podium until he became one of the many riders to crash out after loosing the front end on lap 22.
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Race two was edge of the seat racing from start to finish. Troy Corser took the lead from the start followed by Andrew Pitt, James Toseland, Chris Walker and Troy Bayliss.

Andrew Pitt nearly became another statistic after loosing the front end on lap 5 but made an impressive show of pushing it back up on his knee in full view of the camera.

Troy Corser wasn’t as lucky and crashed out of the lead on lap 9 after loosing the front again.

James Toseland proved to be the only rider to get back past Bayliss in a long time on lap 14 and if that indignity wasn’t enough Bayliss became one of the front end crashers two laps later. He did manage to pick it back up and rejoin in 12th.

James Toseland then upped the pace to chase down Pitt but the Ten Kate rider ran wide on lap 18 having to make the most of his motocross skills as he rode foot out through the gravel to rejoin the race in 6th.

Chris Walker and Noriyuki Haga played out the battle of the race constantly swapping paint as they vied for third. But Alex Barros took advantage of the dogfight to slip past both and take second place on lap 20.

Walker and Haga went on to change places several more times but Haga got the better of the Brit on the penultimate lap to keep third to the line.

Toseland Lost out on another two places on the last lap to finish in eighth.

Bayliss now leads the championship by almost 100 points from second place Haga and Toseland who is just another 3 points down.

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