Suzuki wins at Albecete

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The Suzuki Castrol team of Keiichi Kitagwa, Matthieu Lagrive and Vincent Philippe has won the Albacete 8 Hour endurance race.

The team ran a consistent race despite drama from the start when a mechanic was hit by the Suzuki Austria machine. The mechanic wasn’t injured, and although the Suzuki Austria rider sustained a broken ankle the team rejoined the race with two riders. Suzuki Castrol and Yamaha Austria swapped the lead over the first three hours as several teams retired and the Box 21 Yamaha was black flagged for running at night with no lights. Third place was becoming a battle between the British Yamaha Phase One team and Yamaha Folch 31 as pitstops became increasingly important.

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As the race neared the closing stages Suzuki Castrol held a comfortable lead from Yamaha Austria, with Yamaha Folch 2 taking third from Phase One Yamaha. And fellow Brits Diablo 666 Bolliger managed to take tenth place despite a few minor mechanical problems. Luckily none were as major as the gearbox failures that badly affected them at the previous rounds at Assen and Le Mans.

Albacete 8 Hours results:

1. Suzuki Castrol: Philippe, Kitagwa, Lagrive – 295 laps.

2. Yamaha Austria: Jerman, Scarnato, Giabbani – 292 laps.

3. Yamaha Folch 2: Salom, Monge, Salom – 290 laps.

4. Yamaha Phase One Endurance: Nowland, Cudlin, Miini – 290 laps.

5. Kawasaki Bolliger: Muff, Saiger, Morillon – 288 laps.

6. Suzuki Hanson, Andersson, Carlberg – 286 laps.

7. Yamaha Endurance Moto 38: Faustre, Bouan, Devoyan – 286 laps.

8. Suzuki No Limits and RT: Ruozi, Monot, Jond – 284 laps.

9. Suzuki Team 18 Sapeurs Pompiers: Molinier, Grelaud, Pialoux – 284 laps.

10. Kawasaki Diablo 666 Bolliger: Hutchins, Rohtlaan, Cudlin – 283 laps.

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