Xaus impressed after traction control test

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After a year on an old-spec Ducati 999, Ruben Xaus is raving about the potential of the bike he will ride next year.

He finally gets to ride an ’06-spec bike with full traction control after struggling last season with an old 999.

The Spaniard funded himself within the Sterilgarda team, but after a test at Valencia on an ex-works bike with the full electronics package he expects for next year, he claims the team can expect massive improvements.

The bike he tested was in AMA trim, which means less highly tuned than a full-on WSB bike and less powerful, but he still cut his previous best Valencia lap times.

He and was also nearly a second inside his qualifying time for this year’s Valencia race.

Xaus explained: “I tried out the 999 F06 for the first time today and I’m very impressed. Traction control lets you perform twice as well with only half the effort.

“This test session is going amazingly well and has given be a great psychological boost.

“I did my best lap in 1:36 with an engine prepared for racing in the USA – and we’ve yet to start working on the bike to find the best settings.    “We’re going to be really competitive this year.”

Xaus also became a father for the first time this week following the birth of his daughter, Giulia.