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James Toseland and Troy Bayliss have both taken wins at the final round of the World Superbike championship as Sebastien Charpentier retained his World Supersport title.

Race one saw Toseland fight off a race long challenge from both Noriyuki Haga and Troy Corser to take his third win of the season, in a race red-flagged due to oil after just one lap, which saw Ivan Goi crash out. Other fallers included Toseland's team-mate Karl Muggeridge, Andrew Pitt and Fonsi Nieto.

The second and final WSB race of the season saw Troy Bayliss take victory at a circuit he had never raced at before. Troy Corser took second on his final outing for Suzuki, before his switch to yamaha next year, while James Toseland rounded off his season with a third position. Toseland's third place secured his second place overall in the championship. Pierfrancesco Chili finished in 15th position in his final race before moving into management with DFX Honda.

Sebastien Charpentier retained his World Supersport title as series leader Kevin Curtain crashed out of contention on lap eight. Curtain had a comfortable lead going into the final round, but once out of the race, Charpentier was able to concentrate on winning, with team-mate Kenan Sofuoglu watching his position and taking second. Broc Parkes took third place.

WSB race one:

Toseland J. 38'53.856

Haga N. 38'53.971

Corser T. 38'54.268

Bayliss T. 38'56.856

Kagayama Y. 39'01.008

Walker C. 39'08.762

Barros A. 39'11.186

Lanzi L. 39'11.330

Laconi R. 39'19.113

Nakatomi S. 39'19.739

Fabrizio M. 39'25.398

Neukirchner M. 39'27.278

Abe N. 39'30.015

Rolfo R. 39'34.723

Brookes J. 39'43.966

Iannuzzo V. 39'46.292

Jones C. 39'46.494

Pitt A. 39'51.515

Goi I. 40'23.761

Drazdak J. 24'41.187

Martin S. 18'33.217

Muggeridge K. 13'32.232

Chili P. 10'29.124

Clementi I. 8'43.866

Nieto F. 15'04.499

Roberts K. 4'07.831

Gimbert S. 1'53.213

WSB race two:

Bayliss T. 38'54.239

Corser T. 38'55.521

Toseland J. 38'57.627

Haga N. 39'02.763

Pitt A. 39'06.075

Muggeridge K. 39'08.365

Lanzi L. 39'09.456

Walker C. 39'12.451

Kagayama Y. 39'14.463

Barros A. 39'17.626

Gimbert S. 39'23.204

Abe N. 39'27.310

Fabrizio M. 39'27.364

Neukirchner M. 39'29.462

Chili P. 39'34.375

Brookes J. 39'34.955

Rolfo R. 39'36.066

Laconi R. 39'46.011

Nieto F. 29'08.329

Iannuzzo V. 24'27.719

Nakatomi S. 20'29.511

Jones C. 15'51.809

Clementi I. 12'12.346

Martin S. 12'34.272

Goi I. 8'53.079

Drazdak J.

Roberts K.

World Supersport:

Charpentier S. 38'14.775

Sofuoglu K. 38'18.554

Parkes B. 38'25.654

Nannelli G. 38'34.331

Checa D. 38'37.565

Harms R. 38'40.520

Fujiwara K. 38'44.212

Stigefelt J. 38'46.384

Chambon S. 38'49.965

Tiberio Y. 38'52.327

Sanna S. 39'07.771

Sanna S. 39'07.771

Sanchini M. 39'10.121

Leblanc G. 39'10.237

Easton S. 39'14.406

Kallio V. 39'19.027

Praia M. 39'19.210

Velini A. 39'20.604

Tunstall T. 39'33.890

Vos A. 39'40.231

Metro T. 39'46.804

Vizziello G. 37'58.494

De Angelis W. 28'26.382

Perret D. 27'18.987

Foret F. 24'37.264

Lauslehto T. 25'27.847

Zaiser C. 18'11.286

Peris C. 14'19.179

Van Keymeulen D. 14'25.916

Ivanov V. 14'35.214

Curtain K. 12'13.555

Veneman B. 10'42.611

Andersen K. 10'45.878

Günther J. 3'45.639

Roccoli M. 1'47.434

Nedog L.

Corradi A.

Corradi A.

Duterne S.

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