Well above the call of duty!

Published: 06 August 2007

After a fantastic World Superbike weekend I feel I must let you know how great certain riders can be. I am sure readers will be telling how difficult certain riders were to get a photo or autograph from, but one ex-world champion deserves a bigger mention. On Friday my eight-year-old daughter asked Sebastien Charpentier if he would sign a photograph of her with him at last year's World Superbikes at Brands - he duly obliged and asked her name to include it on the picture. He then went to give her his team-only Ten Kate hat, when Ronald said he could not give it away as he must wear it at all times, which is fair enough.

Seb was sorry that she could not have it, but we respected the wishes of his boss. We returned to Brands Hatch with a friend's son to let him see the bikes on Saturday afternoon. When passing the rear of the Ten Kate garage, Seb arrived on his scooter. He immediately called to my daughter "Charlotte come here I have something special for you". Quite surprised that he knew the name of my eight-year-old daughter was one thing, but what he had done will live with me for a long time.

Seb had taken the time to sign the same used team cap from Friday "For Charlotte" and called her into the garage to give her the cap. And so my friend's son didn't feel left out, he gave him one of his new kneesliders, which he duly signed. This was all planned by Seb as not only had he remembered her name, but also what she looked like.

We are not talking about a new pleasant rider on the scene, but the most successful World Supersport rider ever. Riders with Seb’s attitude to the sport and the fans is the stuff that dreams are made of. Get fully fit for next season Seb, you fully deserve another world title.

We also got a photo with new world champ, Kenan Sofuoglu, as you can see.