My story of Craig's crash

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I was trackside on the exit of the last curve and was watching Craig Jones and the other two coming out of the bend towards me, I saw the rear end step out very quickly and highside Craig, he went down and skidded all the way along the track to right in front of me.

We all waited for him to roll over, we wanted him to roll over, we looked at each other and begged him to move… then we saw a small movement in his right hand, then nothing.

The marshals were running onto the track to try to stop Craig being run over, man those few seconds were so scary, about eight or ten bikes went right by his motionless body, they must of been so close to him, we were so helpless.

When emergency personel came and held blanket sceers around that poor bloke, the chap whom I had been chatting to all day, a complete stranger sat next to me went so so white, he had his cap in his hands, he looked like he was going to faint.

It was all quiet, I tried to reassure him that he would be ok but he shook his head, it was eerie too say the least. The fans held their breath for a while. It was easy to see that all those fans will wish all the best to Craigs family and we want to thank Craig and all those other two wheeled guys who give us our entertainment by taking those unbeleivable risks, probably all for fun. Have fun up there Craig.

Bill Moss

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By Bill Moss