Phillip Island World Supersport: Pitt takes hard fought win

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Andrew Pitt has won the World Supersport race at Phillip Island after a momentous battle, while team-mate Jonathan Rea fought back to fifth.

In a race-long battle for the front with Josh Brookes, Robin Harms and Fabien Foret it was Andrew Pitt that ultimately one out after regaining the lead on the final lap of the 21 lap race.

All four riders took turns at the front with constant passing throughout the race but it was Pitt that managed to hold on over the line.

Jonathan Rea started the race in fifth but slipped back in the middle stages until the sight of Gary McCoy making a break for the front group on his Triumph brought him back on form.

The two riders jumped the four-second gap to the leading four and it looked like McCoy could challenge for the podium but ultimately it was Rea who pushed in front to take fifth place behind Foret.

Final Positions:

  1. Andrew Pitt
  2. Josh Brookes
  3. Robin Harms
  4. Fabien Foret
  5. Jonathan Rea
  6. Gary McCoy
  7. J. Lascorz
  8. G. Vizziello
  9. M Roccoli
  10. G. Nanelli
  11. I.Clementi
  12. M. Aitchison
  13. G. Gowland
  14. C. Walker
  15. V. Kallio
  16. C. Jones
  17. M.Lagrive
  18. D. Salom
  19. L. Alfonsi
  20. B.Veneman
  21. M. Praia
  22. A.Vincent
  23. D. Dell’omo
  24. G. Talmacsi
  25. G.Leblanc
  26. L. Nedog
  27. A. Magda
  28. M. Giansanti
  29. J. Pedro Subirats
  30. S. Barragan
Angus Farquhar

By Angus Farquhar