WSB’s Defining moment number 5 – Biggest crash

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First corner crashes are never pretty, but the first race, first corner crash at Monza turned into a real horror show. 

Front row qualifier Max Neukirchner gained the hole shot and tipped into the first chicane. But behind him a catalogue of events forced Australian Brendan Roberts onto the grass at over 100mph, with nowhere to go other than into the side of Neukirchner.   

The resulting injuries were horrific including a shattered Femur and destroyed ankle for the German. Roberts sustained multiple injuries including a punctured quad muscle and is yet to make his return to WSB. 

Injury woes weren’t over for Neukirchner when first ride back he crashed again testing at Imola. This time the Alstare Suzuki rider broke his back and was sidelined for the rest of the season. 

He’s now joined the Ten Kate Honda team alongside Brit Jonathan Rea for 2010.