Jonathan Rea – WSB countdown diary – Day 2

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Jonathan Rea touched down in Australia yesterday ahead of the opening round of WSB at Phillip Island in nine days time.

While Aprilia, Stiggy Honda and Altea continue to test Rea has had a much easier time of it with beach action and BBQ’s.

In the second day of his MCN countdown diary he told us what he’s been up to.

“I tried to stay awake as late as I could last night to try and deal with the jetlag, but fell asleep. I woke up at 3am, 4am and by 5am I was wide awake so I watched the latest Travis Pastrana DVD.

“I was on the beach running by 6am which was hard but then jumped straight in the sea afterwards.

“With the weather how it is it’s so easy to get motivated to get outside and do something and I can see why riders like to train out here.

“Leon Camier spent some of the winter out here and Josh Brookes flies home for his training. The people are friendly and it’s a nice area.

“In the UK when you look outside and its wet and grey the motivation is to drag your duvet to the sofa and put on Sky Sports!

“I went to the track this afternoon, but to be honest I watched for about three laps and I was over it. It’s hard for me to watch other people riding.

My Ten Kate team arrived today so I met up with them for some lunch. They hire a few big houses on the Island for the whole team to stay in.

“They’ve flown the Chef over so he got all the supplies in and we had a massive BBQ.

“Those boys are also keen on their fishing and one of the Supersport guys caught a massive Stingray. It was about half the size of him and you know how tall the Dutch are.”

“Right it’s getting late here so hopefully I’ll get to sleep a bit better and a bit longer tonight.”