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Hi Folks, I work in Qatar and took the opportunity of going along to the SBK meeting at Losail. The racing was great and the riders put on an excellent show for the very small crowd which bothered to come along. Also I was pleasantly surprised that, although not running at the front, the BMW’s didn’t disgrace themselves either.

It keeps the series alive when another manufacturer comes in, especially in these economically troubled times. So, to my main complaint about the event. It is blatently obvious that this round of SBK has been bought by Qatar the same way that they but other prestige sporting events in theit quest to impress.

This situation is unbelieveable that if such a small crowd (around two thousand) turned up at any other venue, I’m certain that Mr. Flaminni would not hesitate to remove the venue from next yeas’s series. I’ve never been to any round of SBK or Moto GP where there isn’t a plethora of trade stands selling the usual biking paraphanalia.

At Losail, nothing, why? Because nobody in the country is remotely interested in motorcycle racing. Also It can’t be much fun for the riders performing to a mostly empty course, after all it’s the fans and thier entheusism and cash which keeps the sport alive. So, what I am trying to say is, it’s time to end this farce and give another round, in some other venue, back to the fans.

Put us before your Pocket Mr. Flamini, and remember the support that the series has had over the years form other more deserving locations. There are many other tracks in Europe that would bring in a massive crowd of people who would appreciate the chance of attending this great spectacle.

The same goes for Moto GP. That was a farce last year as well and I certainly will not be attending the Losail round this year, even at the low prices. Thanks for listening to me blowing off steam, but this situation makes me so angry. Keep up the good work MCN Team.

Sandy Morrison

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By Sandy Morrison