Toseland refutes claims that there are too many Brits in WSB

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James Toseland has told MCN that it is no coincidence that there are seven British riders in WSB this year and has refuted claims by some of his international rivals that there are too many UK riders in the series.

Racers including Max Biaggi and Noriyukia Haga have said that there are too many British riders in the paddock, but Toseland disagrees.

He said: “I heard that some people think that there are too many British riders this year, but the bottom line is that we all deserve to be there. We’re all going for the championship and it’s not like any of us are making up the numbers”

“If there were five or six Japanese or Italian riders it wouldn’t bother me. It’s great for the UK because we’re all good riders on competitive bikes so hopefully, between us, we’ll be able to bring the title back to the UK.”