WSB Miller: Shakey back to backs ‘ride by wire’ and cable throttle at Miller

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Shane Byrne spent the opening day at Miller back to back testing a conventional throttle cable with the electronic ride by wire throttle he’s been using all season. Although the ride by wire throttle is a higher specification and gives more accurate throttle behaviour, Shakey wants to know if it is actually better for him.

Speaking to MCN, he said: “The feeling with the ride by wire throttle is so light. It’s easy to turn and it’s like a quick action motocross throttle in terms of how much it turns compared to the cable one.

“The problem I’m having is mid corner when I get on the throttle. It seems that I’m opening it too much, which upsets the bike and I’m fighting the bike all the way out of the corner because it’s spinning and sliding. We’re using the day as a test to see if we can replicate the feeling of the cable throttle with the ride by wire.”

Byrne backed up his morning Free Practice performance of third place by securing sixth place at the end of first qualifying.