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Honorary Brit overcomes first crash and technical problems to hold 60th overall.

"I really enjoyed today even though my result wasn’t the best. I ran out of gas as well because the fuel wasn’t was filtering into the main tank from the auxiliary tanks. I almost missed my liaison stage time as I spent an hour trying to figure the issues out. It only cost me five minutes on the special so it’s not too much of an issue and I think I have fixed the problem now.

"I had my first tumble of the race today too, which probably cost more time than the fuel issue. Just after the refuel there was a basic 90-degree corner and I washed the front end out. It was a shame because I had clear track in front but ended up in the dust of a quad and a few bikes while I was rolling around which wasn’t so pleasant.
The Iritrack/GPS stopped working today so I had no trip meter or GPS. It wasn’t much of an issue because it was all track so waypoints weren’t difficult, and my Trailtech Stryker computer turned out to be fantastic. The trip on it was very good got me through the stage.

"It was quite fast again today and really fun. The going was super twisty, had some really enjoyable enduro riding and a number of water crossings. It was pretty slippery from the rain though but very good fun. It is one of the things that is much nicer about Dakar in South America, the riding is actually fun.

"It was still the type of stage where there was not a lot of time to be lost but you could have a big crash and make rally ending mistakes. I am just trying to ride sensibly, always riding so I can read every note on the road book. There was a caution marked on the road book today that had four guys crashed at it, people are riding balls out, not navigating and making mistakes. It slows you down but I think it the long run it does pay off.

"The stage was surprisingly long and tiring today. I was out of the special by 12pm but we still had over 300km of road-work and it isreally hot at the  moment. It’s going to be more and more of a problem as we go north too. I have to keep coming into the shade to work on my bike it’s so bloody hot!

"I am looking forward to Stage 3, it looks like it’s going to be a bit more
difficult, some more difficult navigation and a bit more off piste riding,
more my sort of thing!”

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