New Pirelli tyres at Jerez

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Pirelli two wheel racing boss Giorgio Barbier indicated that there were some new tyres to test for the teams at Jerez, in addition to the regular tyres they the teams must buy for this type of event.

“We have a couple of wets for the back and a couple of slick fronts to have a look at,” said Barbier in Spain. “In Supersport with Kawasaki and Kenan Sofuoglu we tested the big size – 190/60 – in a different specification, and a wet as well.”

As part of the normal annual tyre fee for an SBK team they are supplied for the three official tests in the year – Australia, Portimao and Jerez this coming year – plus all 14 rounds of the championship. For this test unless they were trying out new Pirelli solutions paid for their tyres.

The choice of tyre options for the first round in Australia has already been made and they are now ready for despatch by sea in time for Phillip Island on 22 February.

Gordon Ritchie

By Gordon Ritchie