Biaggi tests MotoGP electronics then crashes

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MotoGP and WSB legend Max Biaggi joined 2015 Red Devils Aprilia riders Leon Haslam and Jordi Torres on track at the first day of wet and dry Portimao testing - but his mission was not to help with the WSB programme, despite riding what appeared to be just an Aprilia RSV-4.

He was, in fact, making a first track evaluation of new software to meet the future electronic regulations in MotoGP.

Despite the often-slippery track conditions Biaggi made multiple track exits to test the new software, but a technical issue meant he finally lost the rear entering a corner and landed on his left side.

“We had some technical problem,” explained Biaggi, who hurt his left shoulder in the fall. He does not think he hit it hard enough to have suffered a fracture, and hopes to ride again, if it is dry, on day two. 

He said of his task today, “I am working for MotoGP. Something that we are testing for MotoGP, so basically it is all new. It is electronics, software. Basically it is work to make this bike work with the new rules for MotoGP. Basically that is why all the strategy, traction, wheelie – they are re-writing to suit the new technical class. This is really the first time to test.”

“For me the last time I came here is three years ago. I have started to re-adapt myself to riding this kind of bike and in the wet does not help, of course, but it is OK,” said Max. “The weather conditions are not so good. I am OK, not here looking for anything just to try to help them to develop this bike.”

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Gordon Ritchie

By Gordon Ritchie