Hero EBR rider Canepa tests again

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Before the Portimao weather changes halted his progress new Hero EBR rider Niccolo Canepa enjoyed some track time on his big vee twin 1190 RX, after a recent test in the USA.

With team manager the rider Larry Pegram in the next box in the new look EBR team, Canepa spoke of his first day at Portimao, with one of his bikes featuring a single perimeter disc like the original roadbike, but one with a more conventional twin disc set-up. 

“We made some laps today but every time we go out it starts raining,” said Canepa. “We need to ride a little bit because we have to work a little bit on the bike. We did a good job in America at the end of the year but these are new bikes, everything is new, so we have to set everything up a little bit. Also compared to other riders we have to understand what is good and what we have to do.”

Canepa said at the moment each of the two different front brake configurations have their strong points. “For power the dual disc is best, I think, but they are working on the single disc to make more power. Especially in handling and cornering speed the single disc is so much better than the dual one. The corner speed is better because it closes the line better. It is good; I like it. If they do something good with the single disc I will use it.”

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Gordon Ritchie

By Gordon Ritchie