No action yet at Aragon WSB test

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With track temperatures in single figures and a damp track surface lingering after overnight rain 12.30pm came and went without any track action at Motorland Aragon, where KRT, Grillini Kawasaki, Pedercini Kawasaki and Pata Honda had gathered to test their 2014 World Superbikes

After lapping last week at Portimao, often in rainy circumstances, more poor weather was the last thing the Pata Honda team needed. Technical Coordinator Pieter Breddels said of the previous CBR1000RR tests in Portugal, “The Portimao test was fairly good although we did not get the dry time we wanted.”

He continued, “We still found out a lot of things as it was the first time out with the actual 2015 engine. In previous tests we were having a sort of in between engine, a detuned 2014 engine.”

Verifying the good things they found at Portimao is the first step for the Aragon test, when things start happening on track. “Because Portimao is quite a specific track that you know from experience that chassis settings can be different to other tracks because of the braking into the first corner downhill, the G-forces, etc.” said Breddels.

“So we want to cross reference the settings we found at Portimao at this track in Motorland. That is an all around comment, not only for the chassis, but again for electronics, traction control, engine braking settings, etc.”

As Guintoli spoke of after the Portimao tests, the team seems to be heading away from their former base setting - and not just for one rider, according to Breddels, “For both Sylvain and Michael, they are heading in sort of the same direction. That makes it easy to share information. It makes it a little bit more interesting after all the years of staying a little bit in one side, especially with the chassis, now we are heading in a little bit of a different way.”

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Gordon Ritchie

By Gordon Ritchie