Guintoli peaking about new Yamaha performance

Published: 27 November 2015

2014 World Champion Sylvain Guintoli continues to be amazed by the performance of his new Pata Yamaha WSBK machine this early in its development cycle.

He said after day one, “I immediately felt the improvement from the first shakedown we did, which was a good shakedown. We had a few issues in Aragon so today we wanted to spend a lot day one experimenting on chassis. So we are experiencing to se how the bike is reacting and it is really interesting. You have to experiment because it is a completely new bike. And every bike reacts differently to different settings. You have to put it into every situation possible and understand how it behaves best. This is the very beginning so we have to put the base layer and the understanding now.”

Guintoli would not give his day one lap time when asked (a 1’41.3 as it turned out) but said it was, “a lot faster than we should be doing really! We are going quite well but we still have to work. But for a bike that is pretty much brand new, and there is a lot more to come, the base is very solid. It is really good to ride, stable on the brakes and it turns so well. Turning is unbelievable. For now it is a little diamond that still needs a little bit of cutting and then we will do the polishing in the end. It is a nice one.”