WSB: BMW's Sykes and Laverty keep busy during coronavirus lockdown

Eugene Laverty learns how to play the guitar
Eugene Laverty learns how to play the guitar

Tom Sykes and Eugene Laverty have been doing everything they can to make the most out of the bad situation the world is currently in. 

Both BMW Motorrad WorldSBK riders are, like the majority of Europe and America, on lockdown and are following the Stay at Home guidelines. The coronavirus pandemic has led to the postponements of rounds two to five, with no end to the disruption currently in sight.

However, both Sykes and Laverty are trying their best to keep bust at home and to remain in the best shape possible so that they’re ready once the season does get back underway. 

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A huge positive for Sykes during these tough times is that he gets to spend time at home with his two daughters. “I’m very fortunate, as since I was young one of my goals was working towards getting myself set up in a nice home,” Sykes said. “I certainly thank my lucky stars at this time more than ever.

“We’ve got a few things set up outside along with a very large trampoline in the garden, which we are using a lot. We have been lucky to have great weather here. It has almost been like early summer, so we have been playing a lot outside. My two girls love to dance, so I turned on the outside music and set up a little wooden stage for the girls to dance on. It was great value entertainment for me too.”

Sykes’ training regime has not been affected as he’d always planned to spend the majority of time at home, and this included having all the relevant gym equipment. “I’ve been training from home since 2011. I always planned to be based at home for a number of reasons but mainly to be more productive with my time, so I am lucky to have a fully functioning gym at home. That means I am very well set-up and don’t have to worry about the training aspect. The only thing I am not doing at this moment is to go cycling outside.”

Laverty is also keeping on top of his training programme in his home fitness room and has put his love of cycling to one side in order to avoid putting any extra stress on the NHS if he were to have an accident.

Away from training, Laverty is keeping busy by completing jigsaw puzzles, learning new skills and taking part in a range of activities. This includes an online guitar course and more frequent Portuguese tutorials. “Come the summer we may have to schedule some gigs around World Superbike race weekends, Laverty said. “Entry will be free and complimentary ear plugs provided! 

“Music and language are two things that I wish I’d done more of as a kid, and now I’m making up for it. They’re great for the mind, too.”

Laverty has also been working his way through an online first aid course with wife Pippa and has been busy interacting with his fans on social media and through his podcast. 

“I am missing riding motorbikes, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I will be more than ready to return to action!”