Triumph Street Triple

MCN Photographer Joe Dick on his Triumph Street Triple RS

The Triumph Street Triple is a middleweight naked motorbike which has consistently topped its sector since 2007 when it was launched. The current top spec version, the Triumph Street Triple 765 RS has almost 25bhp more than the original and a version of its engine will be used in Moto2 from 2019.

It's more than powerful enough to be fun on faster roads but the Street Triple really shines on twisty roads or around town. It’s an ideal first big bike but will reward more experienced riders who may get closer to the limit than they would on a more powerful or sportier motorbike.

The Street Triple sits below the bigger and more powerful Speed Triple in Triumph’s naked range and was launched as a low cost, entry level bike. It was so good, however, that it tempted many Triumph riders away from the British brand’s sportsbike offering.

When we rode the original model all those years ago we called it a revelation, but Triumph never rested on their laurels. Just one year later they introduced the more performance-focused Street Triple R, and in the years since the Street Triple range has undergone many modifications.

2007 Triumph Street Triple 675

2007 Triumph Street Triple

105bhp | 50ftlb | 800mm seat | 189kg (kerb)

Triumph launch the Street Triple a year after the launch of the Daytona 675. Few nakeds enjoy such a balance of power, handling and entertainment. Almost overnight Triumph made its rivals seem almost like relics.

2008 Triumph Street Triple 675 R

2008 Triumph Street Triple R

105bhp | 50ftlb | 805mm seat | 189kg (kerb)

Hot on the heels of the first model was the R version of the naked nutter, with more meaty Nissin calipers, revised geometry and fully adjustable – more sporty – suspension. Everything about the R model is more aggressive and purpose than the standard version.

2012 Triumph Street Triple

2008 Triumph Street Triple R

107bhp | 50ftlb | 800mm seat | 189kg (kerb)

Both Street versions get minor overhauls – the most obvious difference being the move away from twin round headlamps, to the Speed’s foxeye style. With no performance changes to this model it all comes down to which style you prefer.

2013 Triumph Street Triple

2013 Triumph Street Triple

105bhp | 50ftlb | 800mm seat | 183kg (kerb)

The Street’s first big overhaul sees it shed weight, get a new chassis, switchable ABS, immobiliser, low-slung side exhaust, and redone gear ratios. Everything about the new model is sleeker and moves the Street Triple forward.

2013 Triumph Street Triple R

2013 Triumph Street Triple R

105bhp | 50ftlb | 820mm seat | 183kg (kerb)

This sees a higher-end suspension package, taller seat height, better brakes and sharper geometry besides the same upgrades as the stock offering. It's not quite as aggressive as the first Street Triple R, resulting in a bike that's easier to live with and much more novice friendly.

2015 Triumph Street Triple RX

2015 Triumph Street Triple RX

105bhp | 50ftlb | 820mm seat | 183kg (kerb)

This new range-topper takes the R’s special bits and adds the Daytona 675’s subframe and seat unit, plus a quickshifter and bespoke colour options. It's not a huge leap from the already great Street Triple R, although the quickshifter does make it feel slicker and more purposeful.

2017 Triumph Street Triple 765

Triumph Street Triple 765 RS

112bhp | 54ftlb | 810mm seat | 168kg (dry)

The Triumph Street Triple 765 was launched in 2017 and comes in three levels of trim. The base model is called the Street Triple S, the next is the Street Triple R and the top spec version is the Street Triple RS.