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Whether you're buying or selling your bike with MCN, we've worked hard to bring you the FREE features below designed to ensure trouble-free, stress-free sales. Compare us to other sites - we're confident we offer the most comprehensive range of protective features for the lowest possible price.

 FREE theft checks on privately sold bikes

When this symbol is shown on a road legal bike advertised by a private seller, it indicates that on the date the bike was first advertised a theft check was performed by MCN using the reg number supplied by the seller, and that the supplied reg number did not appear on police records of stolen vehicles on that date.

MCN performs a FREE theft check on every road legal privately-advertised bike on MCN, allowing us to block known stolen bikes from ever appearing for sale.

Verifying an MCN theft check
At the same time as checking each reg number against police records, we also obtain the correct make, model, date of first registration and engine capacity that are recorded for the reg number. These details, along with the last 3 digits of the reg number, are published in the online ad for each bike, at the bottom of the section titled "bike details".

If you are viewing a bike you must always to verify the MCN theft check by comparing these details with the corresponding details on the bike's V5 registration document (logbook).

If the details in the online advert and on the V5 registration document do not correspond, the MCN theft check is void. Please report any suspicions about fraudulent activity to customer.support@motorcyclenews.com or call 0845 051 5001 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri).

The free MCN theft check service is provided by Experian. For terms and conditions of the MCN theft check service please click here.

For complete peace of mind visit www.mcnbikecheck.com where you can get a full history check on any bike at any time - including whether it has outstanding finance, has ever been written off, or has mileage anomalies that may indicate clocking.

 Theft checks on bikes sold by dealers

When this symbol is shown on a road legal bike sold by a dealer it indicates that the dealer only advertises bikes on MCN which have passed a theft check using an independent reputable agency.

 FREE warranties on bikes sold by dealers

When this symbol is shown on a road legal bike sold by a dealer, it indicates the dealer will provide the buyer with a warranty to cover certain defects resulting in sudden mechanical breakdown. The period of the warranty will be a minimum of 7 days - and in most cases will be significantly longer. Terms and conditions will vary and can be obtained from each advertising dealer.

FREE Phone number privacy protection

Phone number privacy protection (or masking) is a FREE service to sellers designed to ensure calls generated by MCN ads come only from bona fide buyers.

If you select phone number masking when placing your ad, your personal phone numbers will never be disclosed in your ad. Instead we will substitute temporary 0871 number(s) to be shown in your ad and all calls to these numbers will be forwarded to your own numbers.

We screen all calls to masked phone numbers and automatically block calls from known fraudsters, canvassers or other nuisance callers.

Calls to masked numbers provided by BT cost 10p/min at all times. Mobiles and calls from other operators may vary. Callers can confirm with their mobile operator the charge for calling an 0871 number. Mobile operators are obliged to make their call charges readily available to their customers.

Please note this service does not support text messages.

If you do receive calls from canvassers or other dubious sources, please call us on 0845 051 5001 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri) or email customer.support@motorcyclenews.com so we can add these numbers to our list of blocked callers.

FREE Email anti-fraud and privacy protection

We closely monitor the emails being sent through MCN from buyers, which allows us to identify fraudsters or nuisance enquiries and prevent their messages reaching sellers - like an extra junk email filter.

For more advice on spotting scams or other fraudulent contacts click here

We never disclose sellers' email addresses to buyers - instead all buying enquiries by email are forwarded to sellers from MCN on behalf of the buyer. This ensures that a seller's email addresses is only disclosed to another party when the seller decides it is appropriate - eg to respond to an enquiry from a genuine buyer.

Secure payment

All private ads booked through MCN are processed by leading payment handler Datacash. With £16 billion worth of annual transactions Datacash maintain one of the UK’s safest and most secure online payment services. MCN does not store credit card details.