The best motorcycling boots to keep your feet warm this winter

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We probably don't need to tell you that winter riding is a bit rubbish sometimes - cold toes and wet socks here we come! There are, however, some ways to eliminate such discomfort with a decent motorbike boot, so here are some the MCN team have tested to give you the lowdown on what's on the market right now...

Alpinestars Web Gore-tex boots - RRP £159.99

Alpinestars Web Gore-tex boots

Tested by: Michael Guy, two months, 1500 miles

These have proved 100% waterproof regardless of what winter has thrown at them. They are easy to put on, relatively lightweight and comfortable for walking. They are considerably shorter than the race or adventure boots I normally wear, which means I remain a little concerned about the lack of shin and leg protection. But the protection they do offer is good, with reinforced toe, shin and ankle areas. There are advantages to them being short as they are easy to put on, with the winter Cordura trousers I’m wearing easily going over the top of the boot. Feel through the sole is good and the slim design means you have a good connection with the controls.

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Forma Jasper Outdry boots - RRP £179.99

Forma Jasper Outdry boots

Tested by: Richard Newland, two months, 1200 miles

It’s the lack of protection in these Jasper Outdry boots that’s my only criticism. It’s a shame, because in every other way, these boots have really impressed me. The construction feels very high quality and light, and there are no evident areas where corners have been cut. They’re well finished, and the leather upper appears to resist everything the elements can throw at it.

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Sidi Gavia Gore - RRP £199.99

Sidi Gavia Gore motorcycle boot

Tested by: Jordan Gibbons, two months, 2000 miles

Lightweight boots with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. I was surprised by how dainty they are. To that end, it makes them very easy to put on under jeans and comfortable to walk in. But I could never get away from the impression that they just felt a bit thin. I’d spend an extra £40 and go for Sidi’s Performer Gore, which is a waterproof proper sports boot.

  • Quality: 3/5 stars
  • Value: 3/5 stars
  • For more information contact:
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Spada Seeker WP Boots, £74.99

Tested by: Dan Sutherland, two months, 1000 miles

These have been impressive during winter commutes and occasional leisure rides, seeing off downpours with ease. Simple, comfortable and warm, they are a no-frills pair of practical riding boots, with a conventional zipped and Velcro fastening system, reinforced toe and heel and leather coated elastic calf for improved movement.

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Alpinestars Stella SMX-6 V2 Drystar - RRP £200

Alpinestars Stella SMX-6 V2 Drystar

Tested by: Alison Silcox, six months, 3700 miles covered

These are a great pair of boots and in six months they’ve been subjected to all kinds of conditions. I’ve ridden in torrential rain and near-freezing temperatures on a trip to the Shetland Islands, in scorching Italian summer heat as I toured to Venice and am now wearing them for my winter commute. They’re made from synthetic leather with stretch panels for comfort and have a combination of zip and Velcro closure. Unlike other waterproof boots I’ve worn, the Drystar membrane is watertight and my feet haven’t overheated in warmer weather.

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TCX Clima Surround - RRP £169.99

TCX Clima Surround motorcycle boots

Tested by: Alison Silcox, three months, 2000 miles

With a Gore-Tex membrane these textile boots are waterproof and breathable including a clever venting system that allows air to circulate through the sole. They are lightweight and have reinforced shins, toes, heel and a gear-change pad. They’re ideal for long riding days and are comfortable both on and off the bike. I’ve put the waterproofing to the test on numerous rides and they’ve not let any rain through. They come to mid-calf and fit comfortably under riding jeans and textile kit, while the velcro adjuster leaves enough room for leathers to tuck in.

  • Quality:  4/5 stars
  • Value:  4/5 stars
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TCX Baja GTX boots - RRP £299.99

TCX Baja GTX boots

Tested by: Richard Newland, two years, 9000 miles

Most adventure boots are getting bigger, bulkier, heavier and more complex, so this pleasingly simple offering from TCX is a breath of fresh air. Not only are they skinny enough for you to be able to slide riding jeans over the top of them, but they’re relatively light, the styling is rugged, classy and understated, and they’re comfier than a pair of trainers. There’s a Velcro closure at the top and a simple trio of clasp closures that are all micro-adjustable. The lining is sumptuous, soft and welcoming, and nothing rubs or irritates. It’s sandwiched to the outer with a Gore-Tex layer included – and so far they’ve proven completely waterproof.

  • Quality: 4/5 stars
  • Value: 3/5 stars
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Eleveit T Expert WP boots - RRP £159.99

Eleveit T Expert WP boots

Tested by: Simon Brown, three months, 900 miles

If you aren’t after sliders and squeaky bits around your armour, these touring boots could be for you. Comfortable from the word go, they are made from full-grain leather with suede areas to stop them damaging paintwork. They use a non-Gore-Tex waterproof lining called E-Dry and it has done the business in some pretty heavy downpours. They weren't too hot in summer either. Protection wise, there is internal reinforcement at the shin, ankle and toe. The sole is rubber and grips well in the dry but they don’t grip brilliantly on the metal pegs of my Ducati Scrambler. They may do better on other bikes and that is my only real criticism so far. Value isn’t bad.

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Sidi B2 Gore-Tex - RRP £229.99

The Sidi B2 Gore-Tex boots

Tested by: Emma Franklin, 20,000 miles

These are my idea of perfect road boots. Sporty looks, leather construction, plenty of crash protection, comfortable and weatherproof – the Sidi B2 have been absolutely spot-on. Unlike racier Sidis, there’s none of the fussy fastenings – everything’s taken care of via a zip and Velcro closure system, which provides a really snug, secure fit around the ankle. I especially like the armour plate on the inside of ankle, which I find very reassuring. The Gore-Tex has done it’s job in my 20,000 miles of use – remaining waterproof and breathable to this day. The only downsides are that they’ve now been discontinued, although you can still buy them if you shop around online – with big savings too, and the fact that – like most Sidis – they creak when you walk.

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