Stuart Prestidge

Former Staff Writer

Stuart was introduced to the thrill of motorcycles by his granddad who took him to Coventry Bee speedway meets back in the day of great Danes Ole Olsen and Tommy Knudsen.

Growing up on a farm he was driving cars years before passing his test but only had limited experience riding clapped out ‘scramblers’ his friends came across.

It wasn’t until around 2000 in Texas that Stuart passed his motorcycle test and bought his first road-going bike – a Suzuki LS 650.

He rode ever since and after riding for a year on his US licence passed the UK equivalent in 2012 and has since owned a Yamaha FZR400, Honda VFR 800, a KTM RC390 and a K5 GXSR1000 that he still regrets selling to this day.

In 1997 he trained as a journalist after leaving university and has worked in parochial newspapers in Texas, Scotland and England.

Stuart sadly passed away in 2023.

Stuart Prestidge

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