Oxford Mondial 2.0 review | This jacket & pants size up well for when it pours down hard

The Oxford Mondial 2.0 textile suit, rated 3 stars by Ali Silcox
The Oxford Mondial 2.0 textile suit, rated 3 stars by Ali Silcox

I’ve tested the first generation Oxford Mondial suit and was really impressed, so I jumped at the chance to put the updated version through its paces. It now comes with CE Level 2 protectors and claims to have increased adjustability.

Like the original version, it’s a fully waterproof, laminate suit and with a price tag of £550 is exceptionally good value but this doesn’t mean it’s compromised on quality.

Price: £299.99 (jacket), £249.99 (pants)
Tested by Ali Silcox for 3 months/2,250 miles

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  • Great value
  • Sizing accurate


  • Vents could be better
  • Would be great if it comes with a back protector fitted
  • Comfort
  • Practicality
  • Looks
  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Value
  • Verdict
Construction Laminated polyester outer shell with removable thermal lining
Type Textile touring suit
CE Rating A
Armour CE-2 Knee, shoulder and elbow
  • Water repellent
  • Vented
  • Adjustable fit
  • Waterproof pockets in jacket and trousers
  • Removable braces.


From the off, the kit has been comfortable and, for once, sizing is spot on. At 5’10” tall, with an inside leg measuring 33” I struggle to get trousers that are long enough, often ending up wearing unisex, which then don’t fit around my hips.

These trousers are female specific and, because they’re available in three lengths, I opted for the longest length, and they are plenty long enough. Sleeve length on the jacket is great too.

The Oxford Mondial 2.0 trousers - upper

Both the jacket and trousers come with removable thermal liners, both of which I instantly discarded. I find thermal linings to be bulky and uncomfortable, I prefer to wear my own combination of base layers.


Little touches make a big difference and I like the velcro adjusters at the waist and on the arms, makes the fit perfect. There’s an option to have the collar either zipped and popped shut, or if like me, you can’t deal with zippers being fully up at the neck, there’s a hook and loop system, to pin it back.

One thing I do find pointless are the braces, they’re well made and attach directly to the trousers but when a lady needs to use certain facilities, having braces is inconvenient. It means you need to take off the jacket, not great in some of the salubrious toilets you get on the road.

The Oxford Mondial 2.0 jacket - cuff

I like the wide, velcro adjustable cuffs, gloves can fit either under or over the cuff, dependent on which way you prefer to wear them.

Zipped, mesh sections on both the trousers and jackets aren’t quite cooling enough on warmer days. I think airflow would be improved if they were slightly larger or better placed.


Subtle coral and silver detailing show an element of femininity but without that need to make everything shocking pink. The jacket is tailored to fit the female form and there’s short zips at the hip, to ensure a good fit.


The seams and zips all feel very sturdy and the zip pulls are solid too. The kit’s been fully waterproof, even in torrential down pours.

I undertook a little test with the pockets, to check they didn’t let water in, leaving fuel receipts in the pockets is always a good way to see if they leak, and they didn’t.

The Oxford Mondial 2.0 jacket

On a recent trip to the continent I lived in the kit for a week and it was incredibly comfortable, in all and withstood ‘normal’ rain conditions. However, I got caught in Storm Babet and rode for three hours in a torrential storm, both trousers and jacket leaked, substantially and caused under layers to be soaked through.

In honesty, I don’t think any kit would have withstood the deluge.


The Mondial kit has the CE A rating and is fitted with CE level 2 armour at the shoulders, elbows and knees. There are pockets for hip armour and a back protector, but it’s a shame that these aren’t supplied with the kit.


£550 is great value for a CE rated, laminate suit. There’s certain elements I’d improve, such as incorporating a back protector and improving the bulky thermal liner but I’d still recommend this for year round riding.

Other options to consider

Price: £479.99 (jacket), £349.99 (trousers)
Price: Jacket £89.99 (was £119.99)


For everything from daily commutes to long tours, in ‘normal’ conditions, this suit is comfortable, waterproof and looks good. It isn’t the greatest in storm force weather but to be honest, not entirely sure motorcycles are the best form of transport in these conditions either.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing it for rides in the middle of summer but when temperatures are below 20 degrees it fits the bill.

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