The kit list with Justin Hayzelden episode 1 | Ben Clarke discusses the gear he can't stop using

Welcome to the kit list with MCN Products Editor, Justin Hayzelden. In each episode, Justin sits down for a chat about bike kit with a different member of the MCN team. That might be the stuff they use day-to-day, the latest new kit they can’t wait to test or even the best of the gear they’ve used in previous years.

This time, it’s the turn of Assistant Editor, Ben Clarke to discuss the kit he just can’t stop wearing – even if it’s years old and (in some cases) a bit manky.

Ben’s kit list

Rolls-Royce for your head

Price: £429.99 (was £599.99)
The Arai Quantic helmet was the first to market with the ECE 22.06 certification. It's been a favourite of mine for its unmatched quality over the past three years. Renowned for its luxury feel reminiscent of a Cadillac or Rolls-Royce for your head, Arai focus on essential features to maximise safety.

The design is sleek, available in numerous styles, with a subtle aerodynamic tail that suits both racing and touring aesthetics. Exceptional ventilation ensures comfort even in extreme temperatures, making it a top choice for serious riders.

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  • Superior build quality
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Stylish and subtle design


  • Lacks some modern features like built-in sun visors

Racer with a day job

The Bell Race Star DLX Flex helmet is positioned as an everyday racing helmet, combining ease of use with advanced features. The visor, equipped with a photochromic transition, adjusts to UV light exposure, providing clear vision through varying light conditions without the need for manual adjustments. The helmet also includes a unique magnetic chin strap for quick securing, enhancing convenience for frequent users.

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  • Quick-reacting visor
  • Magnetic chin strap stay for ease
  • Innovative coating to prevent fogging


  • Struggles slightly in uniformly bright, overcast conditions

AAA protection

Price: £161.99 (was £179.99)
Roadskin Taranis Jeans merge style with safety, offering a AAA-rated protection in a comfortable, single-layer design. Ideal for riders who prefer not to change upon arrival, these jeans provide ample protection with knee and hip pads while maintaining the look and feel of regular jeans. Their versatility makes them suitable for both riding and casual wear, seamlessly transitioning from the road to everyday life.

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  • High safety rating
  • Feels like regular jeans
  • Versatile for on and off the bike use


  • Not the cheapest

The RST R-Sport jacket is no longer ranged but the latest and most current version is called the RST S-1.

Leather on a budget

Unlike the R-Sport, the S-1 is AAA rated and so is ideal for fast road riding, track days or just sticking on with a pair of jeans for a Sunday cruise. If the quality is half as good as the old version, it will be well-worth the money and owner reviews on Sportsbike Shop suggest it hits the mark.


  • AAA rated
  • Can be paired with matching trousers
  • Perforated for hot weather


  • Not the most exciting looks

Watertight and cavernous

Price: £123.29 (was £136.99)
The Shad SW45 is a robust, waterproof backpack designed for serious adventurers. With a 40-litre capacity, it can handle substantial loads while maintaining a waterproof seal in the harshest conditions. It doubles as a tail pack with a novel flap that can secure additional items, making it extremely versatile for both everyday commutes and longer journeys.

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  • Large capacity and fully waterproof
  • Versatile use as backpack or tail pack
  • Innovative securing flap for extra gear


  • Size may be cumbersome for some riders

Use it on anything

Price: £108.91 (was £169.99)
The Oxford M30R Magnetic Tank Bag is a versatile and convent luggage option. Designed to fit a wide range of motorcycles, this tank bag boasts a substantial capacity and a strong magnetic hold for secure attachment. The clear map holder and port for charging cables enhance functionality for long rides. Although it's not completely waterproof, it comes with a waterproof liner that effectively protects against moderate exposure to elements.


  • Strong magnetic hold for easy attachment
  • Versatile fit for various motorcycle types
  • Practical features for long-distance rides


  • Main compartment is not inherently waterproof

The exact Macna gloves Ben mentions are no longer in range, but the modern equivalent is a very similar-looking glove called the Zembla RTX.

New version of a much-loved glove

The Macna Zembla RTX is a thermal, waterproof and breathable glove that is less bulky than heated options in autumn/winter. Not quite the same as the model Ben mentions, but close, If they're half as good, they'd be a safe bet.


  • Warm and waterproof
  • Comfortable fit


  • Too hot when the sun comes out
Price: £137.98 (was £169.99)
The Beeline Moto provides simplified navigation cues through a minimalist interface, perfect for riders who prefer a less distracting display. The device uses a small, intuitive arrow to direct riders, integrating seamlessly with various motorcycle styles, especially classic and retro models. It operates with an accompanying app that enhances its functionality, making it a discreet yet effective navigation tool.

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  • Minimalist, non-distracting design
  • Easy to install and use
  • Long battery life and phone app integration


  • Lacks detailed map displays compared to full GPS units

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