Our favourite Cardo intercom is 20% off - here's why you should snap it up while you can

Current range-topper, the Cardo Packtalk Edge motorcycle intercom, is on sale during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days (October 10th/11th) with a saving of 20%. It comes with all the key tech you’d expect – Bluetooth 5.2, mesh connectivity for 15 riders and premium sound from JBL.

I took a pair of these on a European tour in 2022 and they were absolutely faultless – easy enough to install in my helmet, with loud and clear vocals from the high-quality speakers, and a set up process that connects to your co-rider’s intercom in seconds.

Pick one up now and it’ll cost you £232.55 instead of the usual £289.95 – or £380.55 for the dual pack (down from £475.69). Keep reading to find out more about this brilliant communicator, or alternatively read our full Cardo Packtalk Edge review.

20% off

Rrp: $359.96

Price: $319.96


  • Ease of use
  • Slim design
  • Audio quality


  • Several buttons
  • Voice sensitivity needs setting up

Cardo Packtalk Edge performance

I gave the Packtalk Edge a thorough test by installing it in my helmet (and another in my friend’s) before we went away on a four-day road trip through Europe. We’d be riding in the Black Forest, with its windy roads, thick woodland, and probably rainy skies. None of these things boost comms performance.

Instalation was easy and the audio quality from the 40mm JBL speakers is impressive – full of bass and clear vocals. Whether you listen to music or not you’ll appreciate the audio quality when it comes to conversation on the move.

The speed at which the Cardo pairs is the most impressive thing about it though, thanks to Bluetooth 5.2. By the time I turned it on and put my helmet on it was paired with my friend’s communicator and ready to go. It did this every time without us having to think about it, which was very welcome indeed.

Cardo Packtalk

I will say this – the function buttons on the side are a bit fiddly until you’ve got used to them (although the rotary volume control excellent from the off) but you don’t need to use them much once set up as most things can be done by the excellent voice controls, from answering a phone call to turning my music on and off.

What’s the voice quality and range like?

Best at low speed and over a short distance – Cardo promises a mile when riding in a group (because it can ‘mesh’ everyone’s signal) but if there’s just two of you it’s best to keep the other rider in sight. I actually found the Packtalk Edge reliable even split in the forest though.

The call stays open the whole time and someone drops out of range, they automatically rejoin.

Cardo promises 13 hours of battery life following a two-hour charge – on our tour it lasted for the first long day (a very early Eurotunnel train and then a whole day’s riding through France) so that stacks up well. Charge for 20 minutes to get two hours of battery time, which is a handy feature.


Feature-rich and easy to use, the Packtalk Edge communicator is a brilliant bit of kit. It’s worth looking at cheaper models in the range if you won’t ever use the mesh feature, but otherwise this is a solid performer.

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