These are the best motorcycle ground anchors to stay as thick as thieves with your ride

Best Ground Anchors
Best Ground Anchors

A motorcycle ground anchor gives you a secure place to chain your bike up if there’s no suitable objects to use at your home.

A bike chain and padlock are only as good as what you lock them to. If, for example, you use a hefty chain with a chunky padlock to secure your bike but the chain is only long enough to go through one of the bike’s wheels, then there is nothing to prevent a couple of burly thieves from simply lifting it up and chucking it into the back of a van and driving off with it. That’s why we always recommend you choose a chain long enough to secure your bike to a post, lamp-post or something else immovable.

What is a ground anchor?

When you’re at home, you may not have access to a lamp post or a hefty lump of concrete but if you have a garage, shed or even just a patio, you can easily add an immovable object to secure your bike by fitting a motorcycle ground anchor.

These are designed to offer a fixed point to chain your bike to, to keep it secure. Generally, as the name suggests, they will mount to the ground but depending on the location you store your bike in, you could equally fix a ground anchor to the wall of a brick- or block-build shed or garage or even a concrete fencepost as a last resort.

Which type of motorcycle ground anchor is best?

There are various types of ground anchor and in various price points – and strengths. The most simple is a metal loop that secures to a flat surface and the chain passes through. A more secure version is formed in metal plate, often with two layers, that is fitted to the ground or another flat surface. Finally, there is a variety that is dug into the ground then secured with concrete, offering excellent security though at a price – for both the product and to get it fitted.

As with all security products, look for ones that have Sold Secure approval, ideally Motorcycle Gold or Diamond. This means they have been tested – and approved – by the not-for-profit scheme run by the Master Locksmiths Association and have resisted the highest levels of attack for the longest periods of time.

The best motorcycle ground anchors:

This chunky ground floor anchor from Chained is a strong, versatile ground anchor that's simple but effective. It's suitable for chains with links up to 16mm, or multiple smaller chains, meaning excellent strength.

It's a minimal design, with angled ends allowing access to fit the security bolts to a concrete floor or wall. The chain is passed through the seamless stainless-steel box which is Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold approved. There are 22mm and 12mm versions available, including one that fits within the profile of a single brick for garages that don't have concrete floors or walls.


  • Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rating
  • Versatile mounting options
Price: £44.99 (was £69.99)
A basic design with a Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating. The idea is simple; dig a hole, fit it with concrete, set this anchor into the concrete and wait until it hardens. The spikes prevent it from being pulled out of the concrete and the chain is passed through the 26cm loop.



  • Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating
  • Large 26cm loop
Price: £16.49 (was £22.99)
Sold Secure Silver approved. All fixings are supplied and can be used with chains up to 12mm. A sturdy and value-for-money option.



  • Sold Secure Motorcycle Silver rating
  • Good value
Mountable anchor for indoor or outdoor use. The 14mm alloy robust steel shackle lies flat and can be hidden when not in use. The unit is manufactured from hardened steel plates designed for heavy-duty use and is complimented with a polypropylene cover. Comes complete with four high-tensile bolts for security.
  • Foldable loop
  • Includes high-tensile bolts
Price: £87.89 (was £99.99)
Weighing in at 4kg and rated Motorcycle Diamond by Sold Secure, this double-skinned anchor from Oxford Products is aptly named 'The Beast'. Designed to be fitted to concrete floors or concrete or brick walls, it is double-skinned to offer additional protection to the chain and comes with security mounting bolts, as well as plugs for the mounting holes. It is compatible with Oxford's 22mm Beast chain and is formed in hardened steel.
  • Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating
  • Versatile mounting options
Price: £74.98 (was £119.99)
Taking up to 16mm flexible chains alongside the rigidity of a cast-iron anchor, this docking station ground anchor is weather-resistant and constructed from forged and hardened steel. Heavy duty 4.5kg in weight and all fittings included.
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Integrated lock
Price: £147.99
Another anchor designed to be concreted into the ground, the Y Anchor is available in two sizes, the larger 120 being able to accommodate chains with links up to 25mm in diameter wires. This Y-shaped anchor is inserted into a hole in the ground then concrete is applied around it and over the top of the Y-section. The bottom of the steel post has a hole in it so it won't fill up with water and it sits flush with the ground, meaning it is easy to roll over. It has achieved Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond status.
  • Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating
  • Sits flush with the ground
Not a name you'd usually associate with motorcycle security but this fold-down loop anchor from Halfords is rated Motorcycle Gold from Sold Secure and costs just £40. It closes with a low profile to stay out of the way when not in use but once flipped up, provides enough space for large chains to pass through. Supplied with four security bolts for fixing to floors or walls.
  • Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rating
  • Good value
The Himalaya from lock experts Squire is formed in 6mm hardened steel into an elongated box section which is bolted for the floor or walls. It is intended for use with high-strength Diamond-rated locks and chains, such as Squire's Behemoth range and has achieved a Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating itself. Four security fixings are included in the package.
  • Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating
  • Highly reputable brand
Price: £29.99 (was £59.99)
This heavy-duty ground anchor bolts into a concrete surface, with ball bearings supplied to hammer into bolt heads, rendered impossible to remove. Constructed from hardened steel and with an increased twin-layer design for maximum protection, this is good for indoor and outdoor use in any condition.
  • Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rating
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Rrp: £63.99

Price: £61.01
Suitable as a wall or ground anchor and Sold Secure Gold approved. Although remaining highly functional, this anchor also bears the additional benefit of being more aesthetic than the others here. The Hiplock ANKR is suitable for both chains for motorcycles and D-locks for bicycles. A very useful feature is the rubberised end cap to prevent scratching.
  • Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rating
  • Modern, inconspicuous design

How do you install a ground anchor on a motorcycle?

Most ground anchors mount to the floor or wall with security bolts. That means you’ll have to drill an appropriately sized hole, and hammer/screw the bolts into place to mount them.

Some ground anchors are designed to be submerged in concrete though, for extra resilience. To mount these you’ll need to dig a hole in the ground, place the anchor inside it, fill it up with some freshly mixed concrete and wait for it to set.

Do ground anchors work?

Ground anchors do increase your bike’s security quite considerably. They act as a strong visual deterrent to thieves, and add a physical barrier that’s much harder to break into without getting caught.

Because of this, most insurance providers will lower your premium if you use one that’s Sold Secure rated or Thatcham-approved. Your mileage may vary on this, since it depends on the rated level of the ground anchor and chain that you use, and a ground anchor is only as strong as the surface you mount it to.

But any protection is better than nothing if it risks losing your ride, so they’re definitely worth considering if you have to leave your bike outside overnight.

What is the best ground anchor for tarmac?

As a general rule, you shouldn’t mount a ground anchor on tarmac if you can help it – tarmac and asphalt are about 20 times weaker than concrete on average. That means the ground anchor won’t be very strong unless you find a contractor who can do the job properly, or grab some specialist mounting kit yourself if you’re confident enough.

Said kit involves a set of threaded asphalt anchors, which have an additional internal thread for screwing your anchor bolts into. Then, you’ll need a chemical anchor resin, to securely bond the asphalt anchors to the surrounding tarmac.

The idea is that you drill your mounting holes slightly larger than the asphalt anchor, fill the holes with anchor resin, and let it set with the asphalt anchors submerged in it. Once fully cured, and if done properly, this is the strongest way to mount a ground anchor to tarmac or asphalt.

Proventure offer instructions on how to use their kit for the job, which you can learn more about here.

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