Best motorcycle tyre valve caps

Best cool motorcycle tyre valve caps
Best cool motorcycle tyre valve caps

Even the best motorcycle tyre valve caps are hardly the most enthralling aspect about bikes for riders. However, they are important. They help to minimise air leakage by providing a secondary air seal to stop a loss of air pressure. As well as that, they protect the valve itself from damage or debris getting into the core that might affect its operation.

Almost all bikes will come with standard, mass-produced plastic valve caps. But what if you want to stand out or lighten up a boring element of your bike. There are plenty of ways to add some bling or functionality to your tyres. Some of these options also do a practical job of making your valve stem easier to access. Or even warning you if your tyre pressure is wrong.

One word of caution though. If you fit metal tyre valve caps, probably in aluminium, then make sure you add a little grease to the stem threads. Otherwise the caps can corrode and become extremely difficult to get off in case you need to add air. Here’s a roundup of the best motorcycle tyre valve caps you can purchase right now.

The best motorcycle tyre valve caps

Price: £3.59

You get eight aluminium tyre valve caps in this package for £5. You can cover off a range of bikes, as well as your car if you want some consistency. They are formed with a hexagonal profile that a 10mm socket will fit and include an internal rubber o-ring to prevent air leakage.

These are available in a range of colours – nine in total – including gloss and matt black and bright silver. But they will need some grease on the threads to prevent the aluminium corroding and seizing on the valve stem.

There's definite functionality to these tyre valve caps from Bike It. They indicate the pressure within the tyre and will alert the rider to a drop in pressure. There are four versions available with a minimum pressure which you choose to suit your bike (28psi, 30psi, 34psi, 40psi). As long as the pressure is at or above that value, a green ring will show.

However, should the pressure drop, then the red ring will show on the tyre valve caps. This warns the rider to top-up the pressures. Available individually to cater for different-pressured front and rear tyres.
Price: £4.49

These rounded aluminium valve caps have knurled rings so they're easy to fit by hand. With a rounded, domed head, they look like the nose of a bullet. They feature a rubber sealing ring inside to prevent air leakage and will add a degree of style and individuality to any kind of bike.

The caps will need a little grease added to the threads to prevent them seizing to the valve stem. They come in a pack of four, allowing you to cover two bikes. Or you can keep a couple spare in case you lose one.

Everyone loves an eight-ball in the motorcycling and motoring worlds. Who wouldn't love a pair of valve caps featuring the last ball on the pool table? These from British manufacturer Oxford are machined from billet alloy and anodised black with the familiar 8 on display.

They feature an internal rubber o-ring to stop air leaking out and are easily applied by hand. They would look great on a scooter but equally, on a larger motorcycle of any style.

They may not be to everyone's taste, but these replica grenade valve caps may well suit a rat bike, a custom or a chopper, where something other than a simple plastic or alloy valve cap is needed.

The body of the cap is made in aluminium, so grease is needed on the threads, with plastic detailing at the top. The bright red body is machined though to provide some relief and create a familiar design.

While not strictly a valve cap, it includes one fitted to the full valve. These valves from Bike It are anodised in one of three colours and come with a matching domed cap. They are designed for wheels using tubeless tyres that have an 8mm thread. They will brighten up any rims.

Rrp: £5.99

Price: £4.99

This is not strictly a valve cap either. Though these adapters do fit to the top of the valve stem and turn it through 90 degrees. which, In some cases, that makes it easier to get a pressure gauge or an inflator adapter connected to it.

The valve ‘stem’ is made in brass with nickel-plated caps. The company also produces versions with different angles – 45° and 135° as well as these 90° examples. If you’ve ever struggled with getting an inflator onto a straight-up valve, these could make a big difference.

These high-gloss chrome-plated caps from Bike It are bullet-shaped and will look great on a street bike or something wearing a hefty dose of chrome already. They are easy to fit by hand and should sit flush with the neck of the valve stem. It gives a subtle yet effective look and feel to the bike overall. A light covering of anti-corrosion spray will help keep the chrome looking good through winter and into spring.

Price: £5.90

Another set designed primarily for cars. It comes in a four-pack and can be used on two bikes, have a couple of spares left over. The caps screw onto the valve stem like all others. But they feature a small LED at the end of each which illuminates as the wheel rotates. This creates a ring of light within the wheel.

The set may not be to everyone's tastes. But for 1980s sci-fi fans, the possibility of releasing their inner Tron light-cycle riders, it could be too much to resist.

These dice valve caps won't help you make any decisions or win you a fortune at craps. But they will add a little cool to your ride and help prevent air leakage. That's due to the internal o-ring which should damage from debris on the road.

They are machined from anodised alloy, so will need to be greased. The set will suit all sorts of bikes, from scooters to customs.

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