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Engine 450cc

The all new Himalayan adventure bike marks a new era for Royal Enfield with the introduction of the Indian manufacturers first ever water cooled engine. With a claimed 40bhp and 29.5 ft/lb torque this 450 is a significant step in terms of performance over the original 24bhp Himalayan. Better quality suspension, improved ground clearance and the addition of ride by wire electronics which give the option of two different engine maps. Switchable ABS for off-road use and bigger brake discs and wheels means it remains as competent off-road as it does on-road. Despite significant weight savings with the new engine and frame, it still tips the scales at 181kg dry or 196kg wet which includes all fluids and the 17litre fuel tank 90% full making it a heavy bike for what is designed to be a lightweight adventure bike. It’s difficult to know exactly why the weight is so high and only 2kg lighter than the previous model given that the new engine alone weighs 10kg less, but in its defence, it has clearly been built to last and boasts an impressive payload of 198kg. Retaining the same happy go lucky character of the original Himalayan it’s a very easy bike to ride and as unintimidating as they come. It’s not fast or high tech offering but in the real world of adventure travel it now ticks even more boxes than its predecessor.

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