MCN Fleet: The perfect luggage set-up for the Multistrada Enduro

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The type of luggage set-up you choose completely depends on what you’ll be using your machine for. If you’ll be taking on big, long trips then you’ll want panniers, but if you’re only going to be commuting then there’s no point in opting for anti-filtering devices. You may as well stick to a topbox. But in my case, I need a topbox for my weekly commute and panniers for an upcoming trip to the continent later this year.

So a quick look at the Ducati website revealed that the pannier set (£1387.07) and topbox (£799.65) are sold separately, totalling a whopping £2186.72. A little more digging and I stumbled across Ducati’s official accessory packs. However, the panniers fall under ‘Touring’ (£1493.60) and the topbox under ‘Urban’ (£853). The ‘Touring’ pack includes heated grips and a handlebar bag. And the ‘Urban’ pack comes with a tank bag. The two packs together total £2346.60, which means you’re spending an extra £159.88 more than if you bought the panniers and topbox separately. If you were to buy all of those bits separately you’d pay £453.53, a near £300 saving.

The handlebar bag is an overpriced fanny pack but the tank bag is a cool piece of kit. It attaches to a metal flange bolted to the filler cap, so it never touches the paint and clicks on and off with ease. It also connects to the power supply under the dash to charge your mobile via USB.

The boxes and racks are all exquisite, well-made and look the part. The locking system is posh, easy to use and secure. The locks have been keyed to the ignition key, so you only need the one key. The panniers have a total capacity of 85 litres and the topbox 38 litres. The left hand box takes a full-face lid and so does the topbox.

Ducati’s accessory packs are the best option for setting up your Multi’s luggage system. Both packs allow you to flit between different set-ups for different needs – plus you get the extra goodies. The topbox and tankbag double up for commutes and the panniers can be used for the bigger trips. Perfect.

Here’s the price break down.

Touring package: £1493.60
If bought separately:

  • Panniers, £1387.07
  • Handlebar bag, £105.70
  • Heated grips, £212.50 
  • Total = £1705.27

Urban package: £853
If bought separately:

  • Topbox, £799.65 
  • Tankbag (and fixings), £135.33 
  • Total = £934.98

• Two accessory packs = £2346.60
• Everything individually = £2640.25
• Panniers and topbox separately = £2186.72

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