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Honda motorcycles have built up a reputation for reliability and build quality, making them good choices as secondhand bikes, but which ones are also insurance bargains? When it comes to picking your next bike, don't forget to include motorcycle insurance in the things to look at before you spend your cash.

We've picked out a handful of Hondas which would make a good choice when it comes to performance and insurance costs. And they include everything from mile-munching touring machines to low cost commuters and even a supermoto.


Honda VFR800 V-tec, Insurance group: 14
The VFR has been a top choice for many years due to the fact it combines sports riding and touring in one handy Honda package.

The V-tec version was introduced in 2001 and although it's insurance group 14 (Lower than a CBR600RR), you do get 155mph performance in return.

Honda CBF1000 Insurance Group 14

Sticking with sports-touring capabilities, the Honda CBF1000 features a detuned Fireblade engine, and it's even friendlier for newer riders with easy handling and great ergonomics, if you don't mind the unexciting styling.

A good choice if you're building up to longer journeys and touring in the future.

Honda Hornet 600: Group 11
The 2007 model Hornet kept the great handling of previous models and added the same engine as the CBR600RR.

That makes it light, agile and sporty, but 4 insurance groups less than the CBR.

Honda FMX650: Insurance Group 11:
For something more unusual, why not consider the FMX650?
It's light and flickable to encourage supermoto antics, plus the sturdy build quality means it can survice low speed drops relatively well.

With decent brakes and a higher riding position, it makes town riding far more enjoyable.

Honda CBF250: Insurance Group 6:

If you're looking for an extremely practical commuter, then the CBF250 could be perfect. It might top out at around 80mph, but it'll cost next-to-nothing to run, it's easy to ride, and group 6 insurance means much lower costs, especially for newer riders.
It's also narrow to help filtering and the chassis is more sporty than you might have believed if you do get out on the open road.

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