MCN Fleet: No light at the end of the tunnel for the GSX250R

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After two blown bulbs in 5450 miles and a two-week trip back to Suzuki to try and diagnose the problem during its 6000-mile service interval, it looked as if the GSX250R’s electrical woes had finally been remedied.

Unfortunately, just 1000 miles after the last failure and only the fourth ride after it was returned to me, the bike’s dipped beam failed again late on Friday evening, leaving me with the prospect of a near 60-mile ride home on solely high beam.

To avoid blinding oncoming motorists, I dipped back into the office and then applied some parcel tape to the top of the light unit to reduce the glare, before setting off home the back way, to infuriate less drivers.

This plan worked for around 50 miles, until the high beam started getting progressively dimmer too, before failing altogether on an unlit country lane roughly 15 minutes away from home.

When I finally got the bike back in the garage, there was a distinct fishy smell of burning coming from the bike, suggesting an electrical issue far deeper than simply the bulb.

The bike will now return to Suzuki once more, where further investigations will be made into the problem.

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