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The Triumph Street Triple 765 RS comes on the awesome Pirelli Supercorsa SP’s that offer incredible grip for trackways and hot summer rides, but I couldn’t help but feel it was all a little much for the road, especially on a 121hp naked bike. When I first stepped onto the RS the bike felt amazing. It was incredibly plush with plenty of grunt and the flickable characters of a small super sports bike with the comfort of an upright seating position. It munched corners for breakfast lunch and dinner but after gaining confidence and starting to push the Street Triple on the road, that’s where I started to ponder whether it was time for a change of rubber. 

The Super Corsa SP’s were amazing on those hot summers days with nice fresh asphalt, but on the b roads in anything other than blistering sun I found them to be a little twitchy until I’d put some real heat into the rubber, and even then it was mid corner with lean that I found them to be less than confidence inspiring, somewhat skittish and vague. They seemed twitchy and I even had a couple of moments where the front would wash out and that is definitely something that I didn’t want to keep experiencing. Not to mention that grip levels fell dramatically once the roads were damp or wet. Sure if I was going on track days every week they’d be my go to tyre, but after clocking up nearly 4000 miles on them I couldn’t help but feel there was a better option for the road. I was surprised they lasted that long, but at around 2500 miles the rear started to square off. Enter, the Pirelli Diabolo Rosso iii’s. 


I chose the Diabolo Rosso iii tyre’s to try and over come the skittishness I was experiencing, but also to be prepared for wet weather and big motorway miles on my trip to the Alps. A few 100 miles down and personally, I think the Rosso iii’s are definitely better suited to the RS for every day riding and eating up the twisties. Sure on track the Super Corsa’s are going to out perform the Rosso’s, but on the Triumph the Rosso iii tyres are proving their worth at every turn. They are incredibly confidence inspiring and feel much more planted mid corner from the second I start riding. I’ll check back in with an update after a trip to the Alps and see if I still feel the same way, or wish I was back on the SP tyres. For now, It’s Diabolo all the way.

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Joe Dick

By Joe Dick

Former MCN Staff Photographer