MCN Fleet: Time our R6 got a full Akrapovic system

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The craftsmanship in the Akrapovic headers is stunning. They’re feather-light and beautifully made. I fitted the slip-on Akrapovic end can (£323) a few months back.

Now it’s time to add the ‘optional headers’ (£685) to make the Akrapovic slip-on option into a full system configuration.


This now means I can lose the cat-converter, which reduces weight and should increase power and torque.

I decided to weight the full Akrapovic system 3.9kg against the complete standard Yamaha system 8.1kg – that’s an impressive weight saving.

The system took just under two hours to fit; thankfully we didn’t have to remove the radiator.

R6 and MCNer stats

Price: Yamaha YZF-R6, £10,999

Fuel: 17 litres @ 43mpg = 160 miles range

Power: 114.9bhp @ 14,500rpm tested (without race exhaust)

Weight (dry): 190kg

Seat height: 850mm

Miles completed: 6332

The rider: Me, with 17 years road testing experience on all kinds of bikes

Rider height: 5’6 Weight 78kg

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