MCN Fleet: 'I'd consider taking the R6 touring'

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My YZF-R6 is now proving far easier to live with than I first feared. Initially my first impressions weren’t favourable; The suspension was too harsh and the bike was far too track focused.

However, since K-Tech Suspension have waved their magic wand over my R6 it’s been transformed.

The plush suspension has softened the ride – I’d now even consider taking on some light touring on the Yam.


At fast motorway speeds, 90mph-ish the analogue rev counter is hovering around 8500rpm, which sounds painful but isn’t – peak power isn’t until 14,500rpm and the redline is at 16,500rpm.

Even at this high rpm it’s averaging close to 50mpg and nearly 130miles before the fuel light flicks on. The standard screen is just about tall enough and the ergonomics are fine at motorway speeds.

I’ve not convinced my wife for a pillion ride yet, but my R6 is proving far more practical than I first feared.

Could touring on a R6 be an option now? What do you think?

Yamaha R6 stats

Yamaha YZF-R6 £10,999

Fuel – 17 litres @ 43mpg = 160 miles range

Power – 114.9bhp @ 14,500rpm tested

Weight – 190KG (Dry)

Seat height – 850mm

Adam’s height – 5’6

Adam’s weight – 75kg

Miles covered – 2543

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