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Swedish company Alien Moto are hoping to revolutionise motorcycle protection with their new suit, the A51-RR, which was launched at EICMA.

Unlike most mainstream race suits which are made of leather, the Alien Moto suit is made of a mixture of materials including Kevlar, Cordura and SuperFabric. Peter Johansson, co-founder at Alien Moto explains: “It’s made from Cordura, Kevlar, SuperFabric and synthetic leather with a Reissa membrane for waterproofing and breathability. Even with the front and rear air vents it’s waterproof. 


“Slide resistance is better than leather thanks to the SuperFabric, which is five times more resistant than leather and four times more resistant than Kevlar. The tear resistance is 14 times better than leather but at the same time it’s breathable so you don’t get the stink you get with leather. And it’s washable.”

Armour is provided by German company SAS-TEC and covers back, shoulder, elbows, tailbone, hips and knees. There’s also an optional SAS-TEC chest protector – the first chest protector certified to CE Level 2.

So far so good, but why hasn’t it been done before? “It takes longer to produce than a leather suit and costs over twice as much,” explains Peter. “Which I think is the main reason big companies have stuck with leather. There are no animal products in the suit, making it completely vegan, which in 2016 is very important for a lot of people. All products we use are bio-ethical.

“If the suit is successful we will follow with a two piece suit, gloves and boots.”

Although Peter says production costs are over double that of leather, the standard suit is available to order priced at €995 plus VAT. If you want a made to measure suit that’ll set you back €1295 plus VAT. Production starts in December 2016.

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

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