New rider: the importance of locking your bike up

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It’s a sad fact that bikes are all too easy to steal because two blokes can wheel one into the back of a van in seconds and four scum can pick one up to do the same job.

So your number one priority should be to attach it to something solid whenever possible, and if you can’t do that adopt a multi-layered approach to locking it as the more time they have to spend breaking through that security, the less likely they are to target your bike.

At home that could be a ground anchor or an eye in the garage wall. When you’re out and about there are a few secure bike bays, or if you’re on a ride out with mates, chain them all together.

It’s hard to beat a hefty, Thatcham-approved lock and chain as you’ve got the spare length to chain it to those other bikes or a fence.

But they can be difficult to carry around, so a robust U-lock that fits snugly around the front forks to stop someone gemmying it apart is worth investing in.

Of course always have the steering lock on and invest in a couple of disc-locks too. 

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott