New rider: How to get your bike lowered

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Don't let a tall seat height put you off buying the bike of your dreams - there are a number of solutions out there for shorties or those who simply want more slow speed confidence.

One such option is the service offered by SMC Bikes. They claim to "help you get your feet planted firmly on the floor, from simple seat lowering, to a sophisticated engineering solution which allows us to tailor your bikes suspension to suit your height, weight & riding style."   

One client, Jan, had set her heart on a Suzuki GSR600 but needed the bike lowered and lightened to meet her requirements.  

SMC Bikes removed the front forks and rear suspension unit and modified them to reduce their overall length to get the ride height Jan required. Custom made springs were then fitted, replacing the originals with items matched to Jan's weight. Plus the original geometry of the bike was retained during the process.

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