How to push your bike around

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It’s hard to believe when you are tipping your bike into a bend with the merest fingertip pressure on a bar, that your bike weighs a couple of hundred kilos.

But when you’ve got to push it into the garage past the car and the kids’ bikes that weight is all too apparent.

The key to moving your bike at walking speed is the same as at 60mph plus, planning and position.

Make sure that the route ahead is clear and without obstructions like a discarded trainer or tennis ball that could knock you off balance and work out if there’s a slope that could mean you are having to hold the bike back, instead of pushing it.

As to position, that’s all about having the bike’s weight balanced against your hip so that it’s stable and having your hand shadowing the front brake lever so that you don’t run over the cat’s tail or that fragile toy. 

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