How to extract stuck VTR brake pins

jdw1964: I can't seem to get the pin out that holds the pads in on the front brakes of a 2002 Honda VTR1000.

Is there a special tool or can you use a normal screwdriver? It doesn’t seem to want to budge with the latter even after spraying it with some WD40.

Knightmoves: Try a gentle tap (and only gently) with an impact driver (best done off the bike, on something solid, with a rag underneath). Plusgas is better then WD40, as WD is more of a lubricant.

When you do eventually get to remove the pin, copper grease the thread (and pin) – it'll make it easier next time.

jdw1964: Thanks; I will give it a go when I have borrowed an impact driver. I find it incredible that most of the other fittings are held on with Allen key bolts and they put the most likely one to seize up on as flat head screw fitting. I think they do it just to wind us up.

jaffa90: My GSX1400 has Allen head screw out pins.

jdw1964: I am totally confused now. Do I try an impact driver or buy a GSX1400?!

H2pots: What you're trying to get out is the grub screw behind the pin and not the pin, once you have removed the grub screw (flat head screw driver/impact driver) you will need an Allen key to unscrew the pad pin.

The grub screw is only short with a fine thread. Be careful with impact driver, it may be better to try tapping screwdriver to try to undo the grub screw.

The main problem is that the grub screw tightens onto the top of the pad pin (as a safety measure) and can be quite tight but usually a small tap should release it.

Reassemble with some copper grease on the grub screw thread and it should be easier next time

jdw1964: Thanks for that I have managed to sort it now and have done exactly what you have said.

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