Best tyres for a Honda CBR600RR

Q. I have just bought a Honda CBR600RR and the rear tyre’s just about squared off. It’s got a BT-015R on, would there be anything better for fast road riding? Or should I keep to the same type of tyre?
Stephen Smithson, email

A. The BT-015 is an OE-spec tyre with adequate all-round performance. There's any number of tyres for the CBR600RR with better fast road performance than this.

The best of the current crop are: Dunlop SportSmart, Bridgestone BT-016 Pro (much better than the standard BT-016), Michelin Power Pure, Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact and Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2. Whichever one you choose, try to get to a matching pair as soon as possible.

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