Honda Varadero ignition problem

My 2009 Honda Varadero 1000cc has an intermittent random fault that happens maybe once a day or once a week or several times a day.
When I switch the ignition on, the light comes on, but there's no fuel pump noise and the light stays on. When I push the starter the engine doesn't fire. If I turn it off, take the key out and repeat the start procedure then it may fire up straightaway or take several attempts to start.
The Honda dealer has worked it on three times, replacing components after a diagnostic check showed no problems. So far the kill switch has been stripped and cleaned, the HISS unit has been replaced and the wiring checked, without success.
James Ayliffe, Sittingbourne, Kent
We’ve heard that the ignition pick-up units can play up and give the symptoms you’ve described. To further complicate matters there’s a duff batch of them in circulation, so persevere if the first one doesn’t fix it.

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