Why does my Yamaha MT-03 cut out?

Q. To help my fetish for vibey, low-powered, single cylinders I have owned a 2008 Yamaha MT-03 for a year.

It’s great fun but cuts out stone cold at odd moments, usually below 30mph, especially after a decent run. I've checked the cut-out sequence (in-gear, stand down, etc) but no luck.
Mook3, MCN forums
A. If the engine is cutting out while riding there will be fault codes in the ECU, if the bike is cutting out when coming to a halt, then we'd check the idle speed.

These bikes, and modern singles in general, idle a lot higher than most people figure and the bikes cut out at idle or de-acceleration if set too low.

The MT03 should idle between 13-1500 rpm, (when fully warmed up) and I'd be inclined to set it nearer 1500 revs.

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