V12 Diesel powered motorcycle

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IF G.I Joe rode a bike, this would be it. A 620hp diesel V12 powered bike and sidecar outfit powered by a Soviet T-55 tank.

This behemoth of a bike has been built by mental German builders, Harzer Bike Company. Tilo Niebel and his clan of nuts bikers have come up with a few ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ machines in the past, but after stumbling across a tank engine decided there was only one thing for it – use it to construct a gargantuan WWII German motorbike and sidecar.

The engine, which comes from a Soviet T-55 tank, is a V12. And it will need all of those 620 horses as the dry weight of this colossal bike is a whopping 4300kg, that’s over four tonnes! In total the outfit is nearly 19 feet long and nine feet wide. According to Niebel if the bike topples over they’d need to call in the help of a wrecker to lift it back up.

The bike runs with a supported hub-centre front end, a mahogany rear spoiler and tyres that look like they’ve been ripped from a small tractor. Donned out in military green with the front end of a Soviet truck for the sidecar and an anvil hood ornament, the Harzer bikers have maintained the bike in-keeps with the World War II theme. It certainly won’t be winning any bike of the year awards, but you’d be a brave one to pick a fight with it!





Rob Hull

By Rob Hull