Motorcycles environmentally unfriendly’ says council planner behind London parking charge

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A council planner who scrapped free motorcycle parking has given a glimpse of the thinking behind the move – by claiming bikes are unfriendly to the environment.

Westminster City Council’s parking director Alistair Gilchrist told a campaigner in an email: ‘There is no absolute evidence that motorbikes are environmentally friendly and quite a bit to the contrary.’

The Department for Transport has said emission limits ‘put motorcycle emissions at levels similar to, or better than, those from cars’.

Additionally many motorcycles parking in the City will be under 150cc with lower emission levels than larger bikes.

Mr Gilchrist was unavailable to comment when MCN called.

Since August motorcyclists have had to pay £1.50 a day to park in the borough. It’s feared other areas will copy Gilchrist’s scheme.

Determined campaigners have been fighting back with a series of demonstrations in the capital. Details: 

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell