Supercharged Honda Blackbird on the dyno

Published: 28 May 2009

This supercharged Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird makes a staggering 65bhp and 24lb-ft more torque than standard.

MCN has been testing the bike this week – a bike that’s docile and manageable at low revs, but by 7000rpm it’s already more powerful than the standard machine is at its peak! Torque is consistently around 20lb-ft higher throughout the rev range too.

150-170mph time is slashed from a rapid 9.16 seconds to a gobsmacking 5.23 seconds – about the same time it takes to read this sentence. The supercharged machine is also over a second faster in 60-120mph roll-on tests.

For the full story on this amazing motorcycle, see next week’s MCN (on sale June 3 2009).

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