The Buyer - There's no such thing as a cheap 125

Published: 18 November 2015

People are always asking if I could source a cheap 125 for them/their son/a friend. It always has to be under £400. They can’t believe it’s so hard to buy a 125 for £400. 

This is pretty much a Honda market. If you want bargain transport, you’re looking at an old pushrod-engined CG125, the SOHC CBF125, and the 125 Varadero if you’re generously built. Yamaha has the sports side sewn up with the YZF-R125, while Kawasaki and Suzuki don’t feature.CG125s are depreciation-proof. You can get a decent drum-braked model for under £500 if you look hard, at least in London, where there are zillions of them. A grand gets the electric start version.

The CBF is newer, but has had some issues (fuel pump failure is not unknown).  The price for a good one is a grand, but to be honest, I’d rather have the CG125. The Varadero is pricier: I’d suggest £1250 as starting money, and some have suffered camchain tensioner problems.And then there’s the Yamaha, which is out on its own as the teen dream 125. I’d start bidding at £1500.

Buy wisely, and you’ll re-sell after a year or two for pretty much what you paid.


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