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When you think of touring you undoubtedly think of huge bikes with radios, built-in satnav and more buttons than the Millenium Falcon, but do all those luxuries always make the best touring bike?

To try and answer that question we took three very different touring bikes and put them head-to-head in the current issue of MCN. As well as differing in size the three bikes (Yamaha Tracer 700, Kawasaki Versys 1000 Grand Tourer and BMW R1200RT SE) also differ greatly in prices.


Despite adding touring accessories such as heated grips, semi-hard panniers, tank bag, crash bungs, touring screen and other bits, the little Yamaha is by far the cheapest of the lot at just £7503. The BMW R1200RT SE costs more than double the Yamaha, coming in at £17,500, with the Kawasaki somewhere in the middle at £11,349.

We’ve configured each manufacturer’s finance calculator to find out how much one of these bikes would cost you per month, and the results are below.

All prices below are with an initial deposit of £1500 and an annual mileage of 6000 miles.

Yamaha Tracer 700 via MiYamaha PCP

36 monthly repayments of £86.17
Final repayment of £2964
APR: 9.6%
Total amount repayable: £7566.12 

Kawasaki Versys Grand Tourer via K-Options PCP

36 monthly repayments of £165.73
Final repayment of £5391
APR: 5.9%
Total amount repayable: £12,857.28

BMW R1200RT LE via BMW Select PCP

35 monthly repayments of £275.07
Final repayment of £8124.58
APR: 9.9%
Total amount repayable: £19,253.03


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