Draggin' Jeans top independent abrasion test

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Draggin' Jeans' all-new material has beaten rivals in an independent abrasion test carried out by Deakin University, Australia.

The test, which took place in conditions identical to those used for the CE-approval standard, saw Draggin's new Roomoto MR7+ material exceed the requirements of CE-level 2 by lasting 7.91 seconds on the abrasion belt - the equivalent of sliding down the road for 63.82 metres at 40mph.

Draggin's press release states the second best material lasted 3.43 seconds, while the lowest lasted just 0.77 seconds.


To pass CE level 2's abrasion requirements a material is required to resist abrasion for seven seconds. To pass CE level 1 that time is reduced to five seconds. To ensure a level playing field the university purchased jeans from local motorcycle shops, instead of requesting samples from the manufacturers.

"Naturally I’m proud that our jeans have excelled in the test, but at the same time I’m really worried about the number of riders out there on the road in jeans that simply aren’t going to protect them," said Draggin's CEO Grant Mackintosh.

"We’ve invested a huge amount in our quality control system and I can sleep soundly at night knowing that any pair of our jeans, in any store and in any country, could be put through exactly the same test and achieve the same results. I would also be happy to share our test results with anybody who wanted to see them. If only this was mandatory – it would offer consumers the transparency this market badly needs."

The material is used in their new Rebel jeans, costing £219.99.

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