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Auto Fabrica’s latest creation lets young-gun, Leart play with the big kids

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We all remember being a kid, riding around on a bicycle and wishing it was a motorbike. A piece of card on the frame getting attacked by the spokes of the wheel was a common sight, providing a visceral soundtrack that you would pretend was the real thing.

Those times formed the seedlings that would lead most of us towards a life involving motorcycles later on. But still, at tender young ages, you wished your pushbike was the real deal.

For 10-year-old Leart Muharremi, he got that wish thanks to Lodon’s Auto Fabrica. They built him the Type 0.1 – a proper custom bike that was all his own.


Son of Auto Fabrica’s co-owner, Gaz Muharremi, Lert was the perfect candidate for the bike: “Like many of us, Leart dreams of total freedom to explore the wilderness and mix it with a decent dose of adrenaline,” said co-founder and creative director, Bujar Muharremi. “He wanted a motorcycle that would go anywhere and also look the part too, either in the woods where he can let loose, or in his dad’s garage where he can share the enjoyment of it with his mates.

“This is a project born out of pure fantasy,” said Bujar. “As adults, we sometimes forget the dreams we had as children. Our adult life becomes so busy with important practices, and we do obtain things that we dream of – owning a bespoke motorcycle for example. However, the purity is somewhat lost and that childish nature of how we fantasise about living the dream is not quite the same.

“The process of building the 0.1 was the same as that of making any of our bikes; we find the right donor parts, fully rebuild and restore the mechanical elements, and we then hand make, perfect and finish the rest.”

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The bike started with a two-stroke 70’s Franco Morini 50cc motor, which was fully stripped, fine-tuned and then rebuilt. It was coupled to a frame that has been built to fit both Leart and the engine.

The tank came from another small bike and was modified to fit the frame of the 0.1. The scrambler-style exhaust was made in-house with a hand-formed expansion chamber. “As this bike was made to adventure, the exhaust runs up high with a protective guard for the inner leg,” Bujar adds. “Raised bars, knobbly tyres, new suspension/forks and beefier yokes all add to the function, fun and off-road visuals of the bike.”

“As this was Leart’s bike, he chose the paint colour and picked the material he wanted the seat to be trimmed in.” It was given a flat gun metal grey finish that was inspired by another of Auto Fabrica’s custom bikes, the Type 2.

“Once complete, we took Leart to the woods and let him loose. He couldn’t believe it was real, that he was riding his own custom bike.” 

It’s not just Leart that gets to have all the fun though, “The reality of this dream for him was gratifying and it made so much sense to us to be able to do this for more kids that have the same dream. We are taking on orders for those who are interested, and we can also build adult bikes to match – one is already in the works!”

It’s fair to say that Leart is on the right path and it’ll be interesting to see just what he gets up to when he’s older. Adventurer, racer or follow in the footsteps of his dad and become a world-renown custom bike builder – either way, his future is looking very good. And his Type 0.1 motorcycle is looking even better.

The Autofabrica Type 0.1 from Tom Underwood on Vimeo.

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

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